Skylar Saffron

A recent MLIS graduate living in San Francisco’s Nob Hill neighborhood. During the day, she’s a librarian at the Mechanics’ Institute general interest private library in SF’s FiDi. Off duty, she uses her combined powers of expert researcher and computer hacker to solve crimes.

Method of Defense: Hacker, hider, voyeur, sleuth. Highly Intuitive, with an Oracle-like ability, and a 6th sense for knowing what’s up.

Skylar’s a computer hacker, who learned to code in iSchool, then at SF computer meetups, and via online tutorials. Was basically self-taught, then went to bootcamp.

Embodies all the Saffron family traits: She’s Smart, Sassy, Sophistohip. Lives up to the Meaning of her last name, Saffron: The world’s most exciting, expensive and exotic spice. Very Valuable.

Skylar is Emma Saffron’s cousin.

Role model: Barbara Gordon.

Reid, the Bartender

Potential love interest. Works at a bar in Lower Nob Hill that Skylar and her friends frequent. Sometimes fills the role of Skylar’s partner in crime.

Larissa Loughlin

A friend from childhood and recently graduated law associate.


Friend of Skylar since undergrad, a realtor. Has an interest in interior design, might want to be a decorator someday.

Detective Paul Chen

Very attractive, a possible love interest.

Emma Saffron

Skylar’s cousin. Originally from the midwest, she’s currently a student at UC Berkeley, and a deejay, who comes into the city to go club dancing.


Lives with Skylar’s Dad in the Noe Valley neighborhood where Skylar was born and raised.


Emma Saffron’s Dad’s Brother.

The Twins

Tyler and Kyra, Skylar’s younger brother and sister who are twins.

The Kid, Kat

A preteen computer prodigy that Skylar befriends as a partner in crime-solving. The 12-year old girl hacks into various network systems, which is unfortunately illegal. Even after Skye breaks her of the habit, Kat continues to use ethical hacking tactics to legally get info to use as evidence.

The Tech Exec

Possible Love Interest.